Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things we think we need to bring....

As I said earlier, I'm a planner and list maker. One of the lists I am making is what we need to bring for our month long trip to Ecuador. Some of it is pretty basic, like computers, cameras, batteries/charegers, and clothes. Clothes that suit the weather and the culture of the area - dark pants, long-sleeved blouses and collared shirts, no shorts, warm jackets and rain gear. But there are other things, things that will come in handy and things that might not be easily available. Here are a few on the list:
  • Reusable shopping bags (My favorite are the little Chicobags that store in their own pouch, clip to your purse or belt and you're always ready. They even come in mesh for fruit and veggies.)
  • Basic OTC medications like Aleve, Pepcid-AC, Benadryl, Suda-fed and Immodium
  • Triple antibiotic cream and band-aids
  • Small pocket flashlight
  • Bug spray with DEET (hopefully we won't need it in Cuenca) and After-Bite sticks (chiggers)
  • Sunscreen and Aloe (just in case)
  • Small power strip for all our chargers (Monster MP OTG400 BK Outlets To Go 4 Outlet Travel Power Strip - This one is the size of a five dollar bill..love it and bought two of them.).
  • Folding hiking sticks (We already had these for hiking while on the motorcycles, will work great.)
  • Disposable panchos (We keep several of these on hand at all times.)
I'm sure we'll think up a few more "essentials" for the list. Can you think of any we might have missed?

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