Wednesday, February 13, 2013

High Expectations - False Expectations - Realistic Expectations

We feel we are being realistic in our expectations about life in Ecuador. In fact Stu is trying to have no expectations. ;-) But many do not do the research or talk to the locals before making the leap. I have already chatted with several who made the move without ever having visited the country.

Today one of the Ecuador blogs I follow posted an excellent article that everyone who is considering a move to another country should read. Moving to Ecuador Part One

Stu has started playing around with the Spanish Lesson DVDs and I've downloaded a dictionary app to my phone. I'm behind in starting to learn and will tackle it head on once I've finally gotten my latest book published. Early reviews have been good and that's gotten me excited about starting the sequel but know I have other things that have been neglected.

I'm still following several blogs and forums where I'm learning more about daily life in Cuenca and still think it is the best area for us. We love the idea of walking to local restaurants and stores. Being in town will help keep us active. We just have to see how well we tolerate the noise. The downside of being out of town a couple of miles is transportation and isolation. I've also read some horror stories about landlords but we can encounter that anywhere. ;-)

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