Friday, February 8, 2013

One more item ticked off...Murali Hostal

After a lot of research, personal recommendations and price checking, we have booked a room in Guayaquil for the night we arrive. We are staying at Murali Hostal, also called the Guayaquil Airport Hotel. You can visit there website HERE.

We have a double bed for $56 including the 22% tax compared to the $120+ with tax at the Hampton Inn. We won't arrive until after 10 pm and we'll be taking the Super Semeria bus to Cuenca the next day so this works out fine for us. We have prearranged an airport shuttle to the hotel, should run $5-$10 max, well worth it after a 15+ hour travel day. Hey, we're old farts! ;-)

Stu is working on loading the Spanish MP3 files onto his iPhone and iPod. He's played with the DVD a bit and I'll be tackling it next. Some words will be difficult for me, I've never been good at rolling the letter R. I'll just smile a lot....

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