Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back in the USA

Interesting cloud formation, just before sunset in southern GA
Just a quick note for those not on Facebook, we had an uneventful and comfortable flight back to the US. No issues picking up our rental car, spent two days with family in Vero Beach before heading north to our property in Tennessee. No major traffic since we left on Sunday, no weather issues either.

We arrived around 5:30 on Monday, batteries dead on the Freightliner. Severe storms fried the trickle charger but we could still get inside the RV. Once inside...well, almost wished I wasn't. Not enough ventilation had left a coat of mildew in areas close to the windows or down close to the floor. While Stu worked on connecting everything outside and draining the anti-freeze, I started cleaning inside. 

We had left mouse bait inside and they had about emptied it out, leaving little destruction and lots of turds. Stu has more work to plug entry spots next year. LOL!

Tuesday was errand day, paid the deposit for turning on our water, put in the order to turn on our phone, did some shopping. Yeah, there was the sticker shock. Spent $400 between groceries and a few toiletry items. Gulp! At least Stu had food while I am away till Monday. ;)
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