Saturday, September 27, 2014

A few photos to update you!

We are enjoying our time here in the US, spending time with family and eating all the food treats we can't get in Ecuador (still need to get my Double T Diner Philly Cheese Steak and Rustico's Italian dinner).

Here are a few photos of the grandbabies to tide you over. We are borrowing wifi and so aren't uploading many photos yet.

Jesse (hot pink shorts) takes her soccer seriously.

Her older sister, Olivia, does as well!

The newest, baby Waverly, models the latest hat fashions.

We also took a ride on the new trike over to Ocean City, MD. I had never been and being off-season it was a real treat even though many stores were closed. Thrasher's Fries were first on our list, we walked the boardwalk for what seemed like miles, met some friends that Stu used to work with and talked about living in Ecuador, splurged at Dunkin' Donuts and bought a couple of t-shirts before ending the day at the Frog Bar and Grill. ;) LOTS of photos to follow later...

Tomorrow Stu is going with a couple of buddies to the Dover Nascar races, I hope to get some writing done...or maybe just do a Syfy TV binge. ;) On Monday we move back to our MD driveway home for two weeks before driving the rig back to TN. Still more friends to see, more family time coming and a couple of medical appointments to keep.

We do miss our apartment and our friends. We are looking forward to getting back and starting some Spanish lessons as well as enjoying the upcoming holiday season in Ecuador.
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