Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yes and No

Yes, Ecuador is considered a third world country. Yes, there are parts of it where the poverty is staggering and we know we couldn't live there. Yes, it's a country of haves/have-nots (as are most 3rd world countries).

No, we won't be living uncomfortably. No, we won't be eating bugs, grass and sticks. No, we won't be raising our own animals and growing our own food (although several of our friends are).

Yes, we will be walking a LOT more. No, we won't own a car (but possibly a small scooter or motorcycle). Yes, we will be learning Spanish. No, we don't think we'll be truly proficient but we will get by. Yes, we will hang with other expats/Gringos. No, we won't avoid making friends with other Ecuadorians.

Yes, the weather will be cooler in Jul-Sep, but still warmer than Dec-Feb here in north central Tennessee. No, we won't come back more than once a year unless there is a real family emergency (it is expensive to run back and forth plus we are only allowed 90 days each year out of Ecuador). Yes, we will miss our families but we miss them now!

Finally, not a yes or a no, but here is what we have coming to our town in Ecuador! A downtown tram system; the contracts were awarded in June. Originally slated to be operational in 2014, it is now projected to be 2015.

We are excited, not because we will walk less but because it will decrease the fumes from buses in the historic downtown area. [more here]

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