Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploratory Trip Planning

We've spent the morning talking out our options for our initial visit to Cuenca, Ecuador. Originally we thought mid-summer or next January. Well, after much discussion it looks like we'll be taking our month long evaluation trip in mid-April through mid-May of this year. We decided it makes sense to give it a 'yeah or nay' sooner rather than later. If we think it won't work for us, then we can continue researching other areas.

So lots of list making, airline flight checking, hotel comparisons going on.  Will post more as we make decisions and plans. Stu is handling any Visa/Passport issues and the airline tickets. I'm working on the hotel/apartment stay for a month as well as what we need to take. April is the last of the 'rainy' season so I already know we need raincoats and an umbrella. It's the little things like taking Rx bottles rather than our 30 day pill containers. Or remembering our expandable walking sticks, helpful for me especially, with a not so great sense of balance at times.

I'm also going to invest in a pair of the custom orthotics now being made at many Walmarts. Being flat-footed, I think they will pay off. We need to look at rolling backpacks. Two years now we mentioned them after our cruises but never looked into it. The time is now. LOL!


  1. Hi Donna & Stu,
    Love the beginnings of a great story and adventure!

    By the way, I found Bo and I rolling "High Sierra" backpack luggage at the Goodwill for $7 each. No kidding! They are practically new, sturdy, and our best luggage. Just a thought for a place to check out (St. Vinny's too).

    Stay in touch,
    Linda (and Bo)

    1. Great find, Linda. Wish we could be that lucky. We picked up some great High Sierra pieces at 50% off today at Sears. Good start!


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