Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Valley Farm Butchers in Paute, EC

On Saturday we took an outing to Paute, a neighboring town about 45 minutes from Cuenca. The sponsor was Valley Farm Butchers, a local, well, butcher. ;)

Alicia and Julian are an Ecuadorian / English couple who came over to Ecuador together for the first time in 2004 on honeymoon. Now living and working in and around Cuenca, Ecuador we aim to supply the best quality butchered cuts of meat we know is in demand from our clients not offered anywhere else.
When we arrived at our meeting spot, Parque de Calderon in El Centro, the little van was already full and there were a couple dozen folks still on the sidewalk. We chatted with folks as we waiting for the BIG bus to come get the rest of us. Soon we were loaded and on our way...

We enjoyed a comfortable ride and enjoyed the scenery. Since we are new to the area, we had no idea what towns we were riding through but we did catch a glimpse of a polo game in progress! Wow!! Couldn't get the camera out fast enough to snap a shot though.

Once in Paute we were dropped off at the gate to Valley Farm Butchers. We were stunned at the size and beauty of the property. Here are a few photos, I loved all the flowers and trees! {remember to click to see a larger image}

Two lines quickly formed - one for the bathrooms (banõs) and one for the drinks (cerveza, aqua, vino, etc). We quickly took care of both needs and found chairs in a shady spot where we had a prime view of the corn-hole games. Oh, we did have a nosh of meat and cheese - I really liked the meatballs but also tried the sausage and cheese. Stu liked it all...LOL! Alicia also brought around some local made 'hooch' from sugar cane for us to try. Wooh!!

The afternoon went quickly and after the games and a cooking demonstration we were served a delicious meal of potatoes, vegetables, beef and lamb. We finished up the afternoon with the finals of the corn-hole game before piling back on to the bus and van for the ride back to Cuenca.

We headed over to Don Colon for a cup of coffee and a small nosh for dinner before grabbing a taxi for home. Great day! We look forward to visiting again.

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