Monday, July 21, 2014

A Few Apartment Photos

Everything is unpacked, the boxes and packing material have been returned to our expat friends, ready for someone else to borrow and thinks are settling in. Today we hung a few more wall decorations and I snagged a few photos.

Still a lot to do but we need to buy a few more things for the walls first. At least the walls aren't completely bare in all the rooms. LOL! The dining room table still has the little baskets that I've bought for decoration, the bookcase is stuffed and needs to be spread out a bit, we want a wall hanging to put above the television and we want to put up a family wall behind my chair (oops, forgot to take a photo of that corner).

We plan to put sheers in all the windows except the master where we already have a Roman shade, purchased from the previous occupant. But no rush, it's not like we have folks peeking in our 6th floor windows.

Living - Office - Dining - Kitchen areas

Master Bedroom - Master Bath

Guest Rooms - Guest Bath

So that's a little peek into our new place...enjoy!
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