Sunday, March 23, 2014

Translation Confusion

As you know, we don't speak much Spanish but are working on it. But for now we are thankful for the online translators that help us figure out what we're reading. Of course this has drawbacks, not matter which way you are doing the translation.

For example, our friend Emilio posted on Facebook that he was at the airport waiting for his clients and their flight had been delayed. He posted, "Buelo atrasado tengo q esperar q que lleguen mis pasajeros."

Using various translators, this is what they told me he said:
  • Late Buelo have q q coming by my passengers wait
    (Translated by Bing)
  • q delayed flight I expect my passengers arriving q
    (Translated by Google)
  • Late Buelo have q q coming by my passengers wait
    (Translated by SpanishDict ~ Microsoft Translator and Babelfish)
  • My late grandfather's deaths expected q q that reach my passengers
    (Translated by SpanishDict ~ SDL)
  • Backward Buelo I have q to hope q that my passengers should come
    (Translated by SpanishDict ~ PROMPT)

Since I don't speak Spanish, I have no idea which is closest to what he actually said but I think you can see the issue here. So I have to wonder what my writings, posted in Spanish using on of these translators actually says....

Got to keep a good sense of humor!

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