Friday, June 14, 2013

Step Two?

Or is it step three? Actually, I've been working on two separate steps. Neither are critical right now but need to get done soon. The first was pinning down what paperwork will be needed for our Visas and Cedula (national ID card) and the facilitation costs. Thank goodness for Maite Duran of Ecuador Movers. She is a lifesaver! I'll be requesting our paperwork in July and sending it all to her for processing. She'll start things rolling in September while we are on our Route 66 motorcycle trip.

The other step is finding temporary housing for the first month while we look for something more permanent. I had looked about 6 weeks ago but when I checked the sites today, I noticed prices had gone up (or the less expensive spots were already booked).

We decided to not stay at Apartmentos Otorongo this time around since their rates are higher during December. For the same price I've found several apartments that are newer, better equipped and still in convenient areas. The biggest difference is going with one with queen beds but no washer/dryer or going for double beds but full size washer dryer. Right now the queen beds are winning for updates!

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