Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another step closer...

As I said in my last post, one thing I needed to do was find temporary housing for the first month in Cuenca. I had looked at rentals at the two major places - and - while we were in EC. I found several alternatives to Apartmentos Otorongo for the $500-600 range, but since we didn't have travel dates, I couldn't book anything.

Fast forward and all those rentals are gone and all that's left are higher priced ones, around what Apartmentos Otorongo rent is raised to in Dec-Jan (their high season since it's their summer). What we found was a nice two bedroom, 1.5 bath, fully furnished (including an oven, blender, microwave) with cable TV, internet and a QUEEN BED. That will be a treat for sure! No washer/dryer but we can still use Mr. Wash as we did in April-May.

There were two others that did have washer/dryers in the units but they had double beds and only one bath. All the prices were in the same range, more than we wanted to spend but at least we have a spot to stay for that first month while we look for permanent housing.

BTW, 179 days and counting!!

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