Saturday, June 6, 2015

Moving on....

Well, sort of. As much as we love our current apartment (and our neverending views), we ran across another very nice but smaller (and cheaper) brand new (never lived in) apartment in our old neighborhood.

Since our lease is up the end of this month, we figured we had nothing to lose by looking at it. Well, we rented it and the next three weeks are going to be hectic. Packing, moving, showing our current apartment, selling furniture that won't fit in the new place.

Eeek!! Glad we only have two more weeks of Spanish classes!

Here are some photos from the original ad:

We still get a kitchen peninsula. The laundry room is the paneled door on the right. 
Dining room to the left and the 2nd bath. Long living room.
Brand new and BOTH showers are big! Stu is happy. 
Master bedroom - going back to queen bed (already sold our king size)
YES! We have our own balcony. So excited!!
We are heading to the apartment today for floor planning measurements. Some of our furniture will need to be sold, just need to figure out what!

We are two blocks from the Yanuncay river and still a little over a mile from Popacuchu, one of our favorite places to eat. I'll be close enough to walk to Romy's, my mani-pedi spot and Stu can ride his bicycle on the river trail.

Ahhh, life is good...just don't be surprised if we're not posting much until July!

Ciao for now!
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