Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Every day is a parade....

Well, maybe not, but here in Cuenca we run into parades often enough that it feels that way. Yesterday was a nice day for heading into El Centro for a walk. I needed to meet up with our tagua man to see if the turtles I ordered for my sister-in-law were ready to pick up.

We headed in after lunch, took a leisurely walk to the artisan shop (Casa de la Mujer) but the tagua man was closed. Assuming he was out to lunch, we headed to Don Colon's for a cup of coffee.

The sun was shining, it was busy everywhere, vendors everywhere selling everything from the usual wares to shoe laces to these cute little hats we saw on toddlers (and of course I could never catch a shot of them). Aliens? Bugs? Not sure... The flower market was full of people enjoying the sun on a crisp day.

While at Don Colon's we were joined by several friends, we sat for over an hour chatting, enjoying our coffee and watching the sights.

After that we headed back to see if the tagua man was back or if he was done for the day. We ran into these adorable little ones there...

From there we headed towards our final destination of the day, dinner at Fabiano's Pizzeria. But before we got too far, we noticed the motorcycle police blocking off intersections and directing traffic. We soon discovered why - a parade!

One thing about living here, you never know when you will run into a parade...and you always know when the parade is over!

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