Monday, November 17, 2014

Why no posts?

Just a quick note explaining our absence lately. I hope to get more caught up after the holidays, adding to our move/mule page as well as our budget page. Oh yeah, the WHY....LOL!

We are taking Spanish classes, our first. The classes are two hours a day but we have to allow an hour to get a bus and our classes, the classes are from 11-1 so when we are done it's lunch time. Then we usually take a bus home. Thus we are often gone from ten to four, five days a week. By the time we get home we are beat...our brains stuffed and our bodies beat. We are off Thanksgiving week, the US day, then two more weeks of classes.

So how are we doing? Not sure...our pronunciation is better, we know a few more words but verb and tense - oh my! We've been out of formal school for a long time. Time will tell. The good thing is all our Ecuadorian friends are now helping us practice and aren't shy about correcting us.

Life is good!

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