Monday, October 6, 2014

Weather in Cuenca - what's it REALLY like?

"You live on the equator, aren't you too hot?"
"I heard it's like spring year round, there. Is that true?"
"8500 ft? Wow, that's higher than Denver. How much snow do you get?"
"No A/C or heat? Are you kidding me?"

These and many more are questions about Cuenca's weather. Here is what we've learned and what we do to stay comfortable:

  1. Dress in layers - you'll often be removing a layer by 11AM and adding it back by 4PM
  2. Always have a hat, sunglasses and umbrella handy (or rain jacket)
  3. Keep throw blankets handy to head off the evening chill
  4. Have a small electric heater for really cold winter nights
  5. Check the river, if the ladies are washing clothes, chances are it's not going to rain that day
  6. Don't like the weather? Give it a bit, it'll change!
  7. Walking in the sun feels warmer than the real temperature and walking in the shade feels cooler (I experienced the same thing living in Colorado Springs).

Want to learn more? Read this great article that better explains the local weather in Cuenca.

We love the weather although I admit that a little more sun (at the same temperature) would be nice. But we both like the cooler temperatures and low humidity.
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