Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A little of this, A little of that....

This will be a disjointed post because I have a few odds and ends to share.

First, we had some really pretty fireworks going off one night and I snapped several photos with my iPhone through the front window. The photos aren't as colorful as real life and the sound is from a sound effects sight, but you can get a little feeling for the event. We probably have one a month and some months more often. Rarely after midnight but one night I did awake to them around 2-3am. But for 5-10 minutes, who cares? LOL!

We are finally pretty well recovered from our colds and ventured out on Monday to run several errands. The first two didn't pan out, the printer place was closed and my hat wasn't in yet. So from there we headed over to Rotary Market. These photos were taken last spring (or fall as it really is here).

This is where we bought several small tables for night stands, three Deacon's benches and four side chairs previously. Today I was specifically looking for baskets and more little houses to hand on the wall. I found exactly what I was looking for! Here are a few photos (the houses aren't hung yet).

Final news, we bought a used king bed for our bedroom. It came with matching nightstands so ours have been moved upstairs to the loft with the second queen mattress (we will get box springs or a frame for it some day). We moved our bed into the mqain guest room so it's all set up and ready to go! The last thing that needs to be done in our room is extending the rod holding the cloth over the bed...kind of off center now. LOL! Oh, and the comforter came with it...that WILL get replaced but probably not until next September when we visit the US. Not much to chose from here in that size.

Today we are off to look at a used living room set. Ours is fine but not really our style. We shall see what happens!

Oh, last but not least, we got our Ooma Telo box installed. We now have a US number that works wonderfully with our cordless phones. No lag or delay, excellent quality. WOOT!
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