Thursday, July 4, 2013

#FREE is always good....

I found a great bargain today...some free PDFs to help us learn more about Ecuador and living there. They are available for download at the Hearts of Gold Foundation website. The system requires you to go through the shopping cart process but no payment information is required since they are all free. I got Culinary Ecuador - Knowledge and Flavors as well as several on various areas of Ecuador.

That said, I hope you will consider a donation. Did you know that $15 will buy a chicken...not for eating but for egg laying. $25 will buy a pair of school shoes for a child? $35 buys their school supplies for the year? Every year H.o.G. raises donations to send children to school, children that would have no way to attend otherwise.

Their website is still under construction and I did have a few issues with some of the files downloading under Firefox. I did download them without any issues using Chrome.

Oh...160 days and counting!!

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