Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hoping this doesn't ruin a good thing....

In the last few years there have been several articles written about retiring in Ecuador. International Living is probably the top promoter, then of course there in House Hunters International (where we discovered Ecuador and Cuenca), but most recently there seems to be a wave of new stories almost daily. The most recent was this feature from ABC News set in Cuenca.

While we were there, we didn't attend any Gringo nights. Will we? Maybe. Who knows. Someday we might. LOL! But for now we just worry that all this attention might:
  • Cause influx of expats moving to Ecuador without doing their due diligence - it isn't for everyone!
  • Said influx could conceivably increase the perception of the Ugly Gringo - because Ecuador isn't the USA
  • Correa might decide to make it more difficult to become an expat (in the loose terms since most do not give up their US citizenship) as well as more expensive
Only time will tell....

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