Books for Research

Here are some book recommendations from Amazon that will give you varying views and opinions of living/retiring in Ecuador. Some of blogs turned into books. Some document their vacation trip here. Others do an excellent job of showing the good AND the bad of the country. But they are all worthwhile reads.

Note that many are Cuenca-centric, the reason is two-fold. It was where we wanted to be (and currently are) and it probably has the highest percentage of expats of any city in Ecuador (of course we only comprise approximately 1% of the entire population in Cuenca).

My number one books was just released August 2014. It is one of the most comprehensive books I have read and I highly recommend it.

In order of usefulness FOR US: [Note - the first four are actually tied for first place]:

There are new books being released all the time. Here are some that I haven't read yet. If/when I read them, then I will rate them and list them in the above list.

And finally, the best books for learning about the history, culture and local areas to visit.

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